Ljudbyrån is a complete supplier to everyone working with film, TV, radio, multimedia and commercials. Our services include post-production of sound, voice recordings, language adaptions, music production and sound installation. With world class productions behind us and a host of creative ideas we are a stable partner in sound for your company.

Certified Source Connect studio

Professional studios and voiceartists may reach us using the username: ljudbyran

The creator of Audio Hawk™

The Audio Hawk™ is a music streaming software produced by Ljudbyrån and used by IKEA amongst others.

Pro Tools studios

Ljudbyrån uses Pro Tools as DAW, the industry standard in sound editing.

Sound design

"Every product or brand needs good sound today, that's a fact. Fancy talk about "audio branding" and "sound design" only comes down to whether it sounds good or bad. The end customer in general doesn´t care that much but the feeling he or she gets for your brand and that depends very much on the sound. At Ljudbyrån we are well aware of this and can help you and your company in several ways to find exactly the right mood to blow your clients away. We have been working with many of the biggest brands in the world like Volvo, SKF, Nintendo, Nicorette, Stena Line, Husqvarna you name it and created sounds for hundreds of commercials, corporate films, events, shopping malls, feature films and so on..."

A presentation about us:

Music production

"At Ljudbyrån we produce alot of music, either inhouse or with the help of our extensive network of freelance musicians. We can create custom made scores for your film frame by frame or more traditional songs. At "low budget" productions we have a huge bank of library music so why not use our ears to find the right track for your production?

We've put some of the productions we've been lately involved in at Sound Cloud. Note that every track is used in a commercial context why we can't publish the image material.


"The right voice can be crucial for the reliability of your brand. Female, male, young, old, trustworthy, cool, accent or no accent? We have them all. Covering almost every language around the world with local accents we can take care of everything regarding the choice of voice. From casting to finished product delivered in which format you need. We have a huge local voice bank and connections around the world with many voice recording studios."

Here's a breif selection of premium voices in common languages we have to offer. Contact us if you want any other samples in any language... We have plenty!

American female 


American male 


Danish female 


Danish male 


English female 


English male 


Finnish female 


Finnish male 


French female 


French male 


German female 


German male 


Italian female 


Italian male 


Norwegian female 


Norwegian male 


Spanish female 


Spanish male 


Swedish female 


Swedish male 



"We collaborate with several great translation companys and can provide a wide range of translation services from simple scripts to advanced technical blueprints. With our partners in london we can also help you with subtitling of your film. So send us a script and we will take care of everything from translation to recording of the speaker."

Call us if your looking for a voice or translation in one of the following languages:

Installations pdf_icon

"We are providers of digital signage systems for shopping malls and can provide everything from installation to special designed content for your audio systems. We work in close cooperation with the biggest hardware providers and are using softwares like Scala for example. We're also developing our own audio streaming software called The Audio Hawk™ wich we're successfully using in several cases..."


In-store radio and the Audio Hawk™

The ljudbyrån In-store radio takes care of all your music and announcements in your store or shopping mall. We take care of playlists and can provide designed announcements and news in a split second. A smaller and more lightweight version comes with the Audio Hawk™ solution which is a soundplayer easy managed by a FTP-server.

soundshower soundshower soundshower


We have made several successful installations of of AdFloors in shopping malls and stores at IKEA amongst others. An AdFloor is a projection that tracs the movement of people and can react accordingly. We can provide small and large systems, custom made for your needs.

allum soundshower soundshower

Touch screens

As a complement to the AdFloors we provide 32-points touch sensitive displays in various sizes. These are smaller than a projection and work excellent in a more uplit environment. All our systems comes with a bundle of softwares like childrens games and sketch programs.

soundshower soundshower soundshower

Directional soundpanels

Our directional soundpanels provides an excellent soundquality without blowing your costumers ears out. The sound is limited to a restricted area and with this you are able to control the "sound pollution" very accurate.

soundshower soundshower soundshower

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